What is ABPA?

Ark Byron Primary Association (ABPA) has been established by the school's parents and carers to help create a thriving school community through social events and to raise funds for extracurricular activities, school trips and additional school resources.

Why and how do we fundraise?

Ark Byron is a state-funded school. All schools fundraise to supplement their budget for enrichment activities. Ark Byron staff aim to give our children an education rich in music, arts, sports and external visits which state funding does not always allow for.

We hold a number of fundraising events throughout the year from bake sales, to quiz nights or raffles, for the children and for our wider school community. We are always open to ideas though, so please get in touch if you want to discuss any with us!

How can you get involved?

Firstly, all parents and carers are members of ABPA. There are many ways to be involved; coming along to our social and community events; baking a cake for one of our ‘bake offs’; organising an event; fundraising; or even becoming a member of the ABPA committee. All parents and carers are an active part of our community and we are really excited about you joining it.

What is the ABPA committee?

The committee is currently made up of class representatives from each class, as well as three chairpersons, two secretaries and two treasurers.

Please do let us know if you are interested in finding out more about committee roles.

How can I find out more?

As an aim of the association is to foster a school community, we feel that it is really important that we establish a central channel of communications for all parents to learn about social events or community information. We have established an email, abpacommittee@gmail.com, from which we will send out email bulletins relating to the association and upcoming events.

We also have a Facebook group called "Ark Byron Academy Parents and Carers Message Board". If you have not yet joined this closed group and would like to, please drop us an email, or search for the group on Facebook and ask to be added.

WhatsApp groups are also in operation for each year group. Please speak to one of your class reps to be added.

Key 2019 Dates for your diaries 

8th Feb: Y3 bake sale

29th Mar: Y2 bake sale

10th May: Y1 bake sale

18th May: Sporty Saturday


Committee Members

Chairs                                  Birte Hacker Price & Aislinn Kelly

Secretaries                          Emily Prideaux                         

Treasurers                           Lucy Brewster & Marie Paiser               

Wishing Tree                       Caroline Young


Class Reps:

Class Reps:

Y3 Jays: Andrea Lynch, Nancy Wright, Mona Rajab

Y3 Woodpeckers: Amanda Hall, Mox Sanjenbam

Y2 Kingfishers: Kimberley Reid, Huda Jawad

Y2 Kestrels: Verity Tooke, Lydia Toller

Y1 Nightingales: Linda Sagoo

Y1 Skylarks: Lais Polessi Patel, Nancy Wright

YR Swallows: Andrea Lynch, Mox Sanjenbam, Svetlana Eliason

YR Swifts: Luz Pabon, Caris Norman, Giselle DiBernardi