Attendance is very important to us as we believe every minute counts at school.  Attendance levels have been consisitently ahead of national averages. Last year (2018-2019) attendance was 97.2%.

We try hard to ensure that every minute counts during our school day. Registration is at 8.45am and the day ends at 3.45pm (Fridays 3pm).

There is an outline below of a typical school day at Ark Byron. Please note that specific subjects and lesson timings can vary for the different year groups.

8:30  Academy Gates Open (pupils can come into class from this time to start activities until the bell goes and registration takes place)
8:45 Registration/Assembly
8:50 Lessons: Maths or Literacy
9.35 Break
9.50 Lessons: Phonics and Literacy or Maths
from 11.45                  

Lunch in the Hall then play outside


All pupils in Reception - Year 2 have a free lunch cooked fresh daily in school. Pupils from Year 3 pay for the school lunch unless the family is eligible for free school meals.

12.50 Lessons continue:Handwriting/spelling/ reading

Reception: Topic learning covering all Reception curriculum areas. 

Year 1-3: Science/Humanities/Art/Music/Computing/Personal, Social and Health Education/Philosophy. During the afternoon children go outside for break.

  (on Mondays in Reception, Tuesdays in Year 2, Wednesdays in Year 1, Thursdays in Year 3 and Year 4 the children have an afternoon of PE and languages)



End of school day (Monday - Thursday) Reception, Y1, Y2 and Y4

End of school day (Monday - Thursday) Y3 and Y5

End of school day (Fridays) Reception