In order to choose our School Council representatives, each class voted for who they thought would be a good candidate for their class. Before the votes took place, children were asked to put themselves forward if they were interested in the role and deliver a speech to their peers explaining what qualities they display that will make them a good school councillor and how they will support with decisions made in and out of the classroom. The pitch also had to relate to the school values and children had to demonstrate how they show these values on a consistent basis. Once all of the candidates had the opportunity to present to their peers, there was a voting process which simulated the way in which we vote here in the UK.

Votes were counted and the new School Council was announced in an assembly in front of the whole school.

On here you will be able to find out who has been chosen to represent our school council, keep up to date with all the exciting changes and developments we have been discussing in our meetings as well as how we are planning to make sure these changes HAPPEN in our school!

The school council have meetings every 2 weeks and these are over-seen and supported by Miss Gillies but led by the children themselves.

The council will also be expected to lead a school assembly from time to time in order to share our plans with the rest of the school...after all, they are the voice of the pupils.

Meet our School Council team for 2021/2022

We have two representatives from each class and it is their responsibility to share their opinions and thoughts with the rest of the council, keep any important notes and report any developments back to the other children (and the teacher) in their class.