“Reading is the one ability, that once set in motion, has the ability to feed itself, grow exponentially and provide a basis from which possibilities are endless.”

- Michael Morpurgo

At Ark Byron, we believe our children should have access to the best opportunities to fulfil their potential. The more resources the community can provide our children, the better chance they will have to fulfil their potential, so that means raising funding for things that public funding will not cover.

Our fundraising priority this year is to raise money for a suite of new library books to improve student literacy levels.

Literacy skills are vital to communicate effectively and make sense of the world; enabling students to successfully navigate through school life and achieve success. School libraries play a vital part in teachers’ efforts to improve student literacy and increase student enjoyment in reading by providing access to appropriate books and helping students develop structured reading habits. School libraries need to provide access to books that match students’ interests and is at an appropriate level for their reading ability. Without an effective school library, students can fall behind in literacy levels which significantly impacts their wider studies and life opportunities.

Our fundraising target is £2,000 to invest in the school library. This funding will be used to:

  • Purchase new library books and provide stocks that are relevant for all pupils
  • Purchase resources to enhance teaching of the curriculum such at atlases and thesauruses
  • Run enrichment activities to promote interest in the library and foster a love of reading.
  • Enable students to take books home with them so reading is incorporated as part of their weekly routine and becomes habitual.