Each half term the teachers send out letters to give you information about the new half term's topic and events.  There is also information on the Curriculum pages about what your child will be learning.

At the start of September the Classes (from Year 1 upwards) hold their "Meet the teacher" meetings so you can ask questions and find out about the new class.  Please see below for the presentations:

Year 4: Y4 meet the teacher 2019-2020.pdf

Year 3 :Y3 Meet the Teacher 2019-2020.pdf

Year 2: Y2 Meet the Teacher 2019-2020.pdf

Year 1:  Y1 Meet the Teacher 2019 -2020.pdf

More information and class news comes out each week in the Newsletter.  Please check your e-mail inbox every Friday afternoon from 4pm.  

Please contact info@arkbyron.org if you are not receiving the newsletter so we can add you to the mailing list.