We believe that good attendance at school maximises a child's success at school and builds a good foundation for future life. We endeavour to ensure that all children of school age receive a full-time education which maximises their opportunity to realise their full potential.

If your child is unwell or has any unavoidable medical/dental appointments that fall in school time, these are classed as authorised absences. 

Unauthorised absences are those, which the school does not consider reasonable. This includes:

  • parents/carers keeping children off school unnecessarily
  • absences which have never been properly explained
  • shopping, looking after other children or birthdays
  • day trips and holidays in term time which have not been agreed.


At Ark Byron, all staff will work closely with families to ensure that children attend school and arrive punctually. Parents have a legal duty to ensure that their child attends the school to which they are registered.


Please click here for more information on the attendance and the school re-opening policies.


Our whole school attendance figure to date this academic year is: 96.91%

Our whole school attendance figure for the academic year 2019/20 was: 96.04%