In Reception, your child will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.  At Ark Byron we initally focus on the Prime Areas of learning (Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal and Social Development) in order to ensure children have a sound foundation for future learning and are ready for the next steps in Literacy and Maths, as well as learning the beginnings of science, humanities, personal, social and health education, computing, art and music. All children receive a phonics lesson daily to promote rapid progress in reading.  There is suggested home learning for each week.

Autumn 1 Theme:  "All About Me" 

Autumn 2 Theme:  "Celebrations" 

Spring 1 Theme: "Space" 

Spring 2 Theme: "Food and Growing" 

Summer 1 Theme: "Animals"  YR Summer 1 Class Letter.pdf  KO - Roaming with the Reptiles.pdf  MIND MAP Roaming with Reptiles.pdf

Summer 2 Theme: "Journeys."  YR Sum 2 Class Letter.pdf  MIND MAP Out of this World.pdf

Please click for the Maths programme of study.

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Please click for the Year 1 Curriculum overview:  

Autumn 1 Theme: My Local Area

Autumn 2 Theme:  Toys in Time

Spring 1 and 2 Theme: Transport and Travel

Summer 1 Theme: The United Kingdom Y1 Class Letter Summer 1.pdf TOPIC WEB Y1 Summer1.pdf

Summer 2 Theme: Our Seaside: Now and Then  Y1 Class Letter Summer 2.pdf  TOPIC WEB Y1 Summer2.pdf



Please click for  the Year 2 Curriculum overview: 

Autumn 1 Theme: Kings and Queens

Autumn 2 Theme: The Great Fire

Spring 1 and 2 Theme: Planet Earth

Summer 1 Theme: They Made a Difference Y2 Class Letter Summer 1 2021.pdf  Y2 Summer 1 2021 Topic Web.pdf

Summer 2 Theme: Life in Kenya  Y2 Class Letter Summer 2 2021.pdf  Y2 Summer 2 2021 Topic Web.pdf



Please click for the Year 3 Curriculum Overview: 

Autumn 1 Theme: UK: Settlement and Land Use

Autumn 2 Theme: Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages

Spring 1 and 2 Theme: Europe: Mountains (with a case study - Italy)

Summer 1 Theme: Climate Zones and Biomes  Y3 Class Letter Summer 1.pdf  Y3-SUM1 Topic Web.pdf

Summer 2 Theme: Ancient Greeks  Y3 Class letter Summer 2.pdf  Y3 Summer 2 Topic Web.pdf


Year 4

Please click for the Year 4 Curriculum overview: 

Autumn 1 Theme: Roman Invasions

Autumn 2 Theme: Roman Britain

Spring 1 and 2 Theme: The Amazon: Rivers and Rainforests 

Summer 1 Theme: Contrasting Civilisations: The Mayans  Y4 Class Letter Summer 1 2021 .pdf  Y4 Sum1 Web Plan.pdf

Summer 2 Theme: The USA  Y4 Class Letter Summer 2 2021.pdf  Y4 Sum2 Web Plan.pdf


Year 5

Please click for the Year 5 Curriculum overview: 

Autumn 1 Theme: Anglo-Saxons and Scots

Autumn 2 Theme:  Vikings

Spring 1 and 2 Theme: Asia: Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Summer 1 Theme: Baghdad and the Middle East Y5 Class Letter Summer 1 2021.pdf  Y5 SUM1 Topic Web.pdf

Summer 2 Theme: Victorians and the Industrial Revolution  Y5 Class Letter Summer 2 2021.pdf  Y5 SUM2 Topic Web.pdf


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