Ark Byron Primary Academy

The Mission

The Ark mission is: “To begin the journey to enable every pupil to go to university or pursue the appropriate career of their choice.” This goes beyond academic results; we want every pupil to fulfil their full potential and we put great emphasis on our pupils becoming outstanding citizens who show kindness, respect and consideration to others and their environment, so making the world a better place.

Ark Byron's Vision and Values

Our motto, “Courage to reach for the sky!” reflects our high expectations for every child. We believe that, by aiming high and setting ambitious goals, pupils will be able to achieve their full potential, though this will require real effort and persistence.

We support our pupils to be brave and willing to take risks to improve, to learn new things and to embrace new experiences, so that they become resilient and equipped to deal with life and to be both successful and happy. 

Our Ark Byron values are:

  • Exploration – to have curiosity and seek out new knowledge and experiences
  • Endeavour – to work hard and always try your best
  • Excellence – to be the best you can be.

We encourage children and adults to follow the Ark Byron values in everything they do in the academy. This is not only in terms of learning but also in conduct and behaviour.

Ark Byron's Logo

The Ark Byron logo of a tree and bird not only reflects our home in Acton Park, but also symbolises how children will be putting down firm roots of learning and knowledge to enable them to grow and flourish, to enable them to follow their dreams. Our vision is to maximise the benefit of our park location to enable children to develop their knowledge of and respect for the natural environment.

The Ark Schools Academy

As part of the Ark Schools Academy network, we have six key principles that we will follow in order to make Ark Byron a happy, friendly and nurturing school for your child:

High Expectations

​We hold the highest expectations for all members of our community. We are committed to giving every pupil at our school the opportunity, by the age of 18, to go on to university or pursue the career of their choice.

Excellent Teaching

Ark Byron teachers pursue excellence for every child and instil a love of learning in our pupils. They have excellent subject knowledge and understanding of the curriculum. They skilfully plan opportunities for every child to be challenged and to reach their full potential.

Exemplary Behaviour

We are a happy, inclusive community and all members of our school community contribute to creating a respectful, tolerant and calm environment that is ideal for learning.

All adults and children share our school values.

Knowing Every Child

We strive to ensure that we know every child and understand its needs, motivations and aspirations in order to ensure we are best able to support and challenge every pupil to be the best they can be.

Depth for Breadth

​All Ark Byron pupils secure firm foundations in English and mathematics and this drives excellence in other subject areas. Pupils are given opportunities to apply English and Maths skills in a variety of contexts, making connections across topics. Regular assessments and interventions ensure that pupils are supported to keep up, not catch up. 

Always Learning

Excellent teaching is underpinned by high quality professional development and training, which is part of daily life at the academy. We are committed to identifying talent and nurturing individuals to create a community of exceptional teachers, highly skilled support staff, thoughtful managers and strategic leaders.