Ark Byron was inspected by Ofsted in November 2018 and the school was graded as “good.”

We are delighted that the report highlights many aspects of Ark Byron of which we are most proud. Below are some comments taken from the Report that show the high quality of education our children receive, in Ark Byron's supportive and nurturing environment.

  • “The school's work to promote pupils' personal development and welfare is outstanding.”
  • “Good teaching enables pupils to attain highly.”  “The teaching of phonics and reading is a strength.” 
  • “Pupils’ progress across the wider curriculum is strong.”  “Leaders have prioritised a rich curriculum, which helps pupils to develop their knowledge and understanding. The school’s thematic approach to the curriculum, and regular visits linked to the different topics, enable pupils to deepen their learning.”
  • “Disadvantaged pupils make strong progress across the school.”

The Report includes some areas for development. These are all areas that we have been working on, but we are committed to focusing on these as priorities to ensure we make greater and faster progress.

We will therefore continue to review our provision for pupils with special educational needs rigorously, so that it is consistently matched to their needs. We will also give renewed focus to ensuring the provision for our most able pupils is consistently outstanding.  Handwriting has been a focus over recent months and we will continue to drive for improvement across the school.

We are pleased that many of our strengths have been affirmed by the inspection, and we are firmly committed to developing our school further so that it is outstanding in all aspects. 

It was particularly pleasing that the commitment of our parent community was included in the Report. This is, without doubt, a key strength of Ark Byron and we would like to thank the parents for expressing such emphatic support during the inspection.  We know our community will continue to support us as we work to improve Ark Byron further. 

Please click here to read the report. 10048380 Ark Byron Primary Academy 142110 Final Report.pdf



We are delighted that Ark Byron's performance data to date is significantly ahead of national averages. There is also a strong consistency of attainment.

Early Years Foundation Stage "Good Level of Development" data:

Children are considered to have reached the "Good Level of Development" if they meet the Early Learning Goal in the first 12 learning areas of the EYFS curriculum.  This indicates they are ready for Year 1.

June 2019: 76% of Ark Byron pupils achieved the Good Level of Development ("GLD")

June 2018: 85% of Ark Byron Reception pupils achieved the GLD (national average 71%)

June 2017: 85% of Ark Byron Reception children achieved the GLD (national average 71%)

June 2016: 86% of Ark Byron Reception children achieved the GLD (national average 69%)


End of Year 1 Phonics Screening Check

June 2019: 98% of Ark Byron pupils in Year 1 passed the Phonics Screening Check. By June 2019 98% of Year 2 pupils had passed the Phonics Sc

June 2018: 97% of Ark Byron Year 1 pupils passed the Phonics Screening Check.  By June 2018 98% of Year 2 pupils had passed the Phonics Screening Check.

In 2017: 97% of Ark Byron Year 1 children passed (national average 81%). (This was the first year of Ark Byron having a Year 1.)


End of Key Stage 1 (Year 2) Assessments

  ARK BYRON 2019 ark byron 2018 national average 2018
Reading 75% 86% 75%
writing 72% 78% 70%
maths 73% 85% 76%
SCIENCE 83% 85% 83%


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