We are moving!

Counting down to the move from temporary accommodation to our new building on the Vale:  7 months to go!

Special Educational Needs and Inclusion



Ark Byron Primary Academy is an inclusive school where children with special educational needs (SEN) are given the support that they need to access the curriculum and engage in all activities alongside their peers.  We do everything we can to meet children’s SEN and, where the Academy is named on a pupil’s Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education Health and Care Plan, that child will be admitted by the Academy.

If you have any queries regarding inclusion please contact Mrs Kaplan Head of School or the Inclusion Lead/SENCO, Miss Stephanie Bryan on 0203110 0787 or info@arkbyron.org.


SEN Ark Byron SEN Offer FAQs.pdf

Ark Byron SEN and Inclusion Policy.pdf

Ark Byron Supporting students with medical conditions.pdf


SEN and INclusion strategy 2014 V16(consult).pdf  This is a draft version of the Ealing Locality offer.