The Whole Academy Behaviour Policy is based on the Academy Vision as follows:

To create a positive learning environment which promotes the development of children in the fullest sense and their learning and success in academy. Our values  Explore, Endeavour and Excel, underpin our culture and ethos which serves:

To empower children, by encouraging them to develop:

      - enthusiastic, enquiring minds which enable them to take risks and challenge

      - the ability to question and present rational arguments

       - an independent, positive and engaged approach to learning.

To help children realise their full potential through the highest quality of learning, teaching and experiences across the whole-academy curriculum (intellectual, social, physical, ethical and spiritual).

To prepare children for the future, including secondary academy, university and the world of work. To help children become valued members of society. To help children make good use of recreational time.

Please click here for the Behaviour Policy. 2018 Behaviour Policy.docx.pdf

Please click here for the Exclusion policy. Exclusions Policy - September 2018-September 2021.docx.pdf

Please click here for the Anti-bullying policy. Ark Byron Anti-Bullying Policy.pdf


If you have any questions about the policies or any issues concerning behaviour please speak to Mrs Kaplan, Miss Biggam or Mrs Hodgson.