Dear Parents and Carers,

We opened Ark Byron Primary Academy in September 2015 and now (at the start of our fourth year in autumn 2018) have four year groups, ranging from Reception to Year 3 and a total of 240 pupils.  At Ark Byron we are committed to providing the best possible education and experience, whilst also expecting the highest standards, from staff, pupils and parents.  The school is not selective nor fee paying and welcomes pupils from all backgrounds.

Academic standards are already high, with 97% (vs the 2017 national average 81%) of Byron Year 1 children passing the Phonics Check in both 2018 and 2017,whilst 85% (vs national average 71% in 2017) of Byron Reception children reaching the Good Level of Development for the last three years. However, learning at Ark Byron is not simply about academic achievement, we want to develop the whole child and have caring, considerate pupils with a love of learning. Please look at our news pages to glimpse some of the varied learning experiences enjoyed by Byron children. Ofsted has graded us as "good" (November 2018) and there is a copy of the report on this website.

Our mission is to set the foundations and preparation for university or a career of choice.

Ark Byron’s values and logo, symbolise our vision and ethos. Our motto “Courage to reach for the sky” reflects the high aspirations we have for each pupil, encouraging them to aim high in everything that they do.  Pupils are encouraged to try new things, to challenge themselves and never give up. By doing so, they will excel in everything they do.

As part of the Ark Academy network Ark Byron Primary Academy has total commitment to providing all its pupils the best possible start with their education and setting children on an exciting learning journey; enabling every child to make excellent progress and reach his or her potential.

In the Spring term 2018 we moved to our new building on the edge of Acton Park and we enjoy using this unique position to help our pupils develop an interest in and respect for the environment.

Kind regards,

Jacqueline E. Steele                 Fiona H Kaplan

Executive Principal                  Principal

We hope you enjoy looking at the website and look forward to welcoming you to Ark Byron.