Plans for temporary accommodation

It has been confirmed that Ark Byron will open in the brand new, purpose built facilities of Ark Priory Plans for Ark Byron’s building at Acton Park are underway however the completion of this building will not take place until September 2016. Given Ms Steele’s role over the two schools and, as there is extra space at Ark Priory, it has been agreed that for its first year Ark Byron will be based on the top floor of the school and share the hall and kitchen facilities. Although based in one building, our aim is that the two schools feel different, so Ms Steele will be working with colleagues from both Ark and the Department for Education to ensure there are sensible plans in place around timetabling, break-time and branding to ensure that the experience for children at both schools is a positive and happy one. Having both schools in one location will also allow Ms Steele the opportunity to work very closely with the two heads of school in their first year in post.   We will update you with news of the plans for the new buildings in the new year.