School day

We try hard to ensure that every minute counts during our school day.  Registration is at 8.45am and the day ends at 3.45pm (Fridays 3pm).

There is an outline below of a typical school day at Ark Byron.

We will be supplying updated timetables shortly following our move:

Reception's spring timetable.  

Year 1's spring timetable

Year 2's  spring timetable 


8:35       Academy Gates Open
8:45 Registration
8:50 Lessons: Maths or Literacy
9.35 Break
9.50 Lessons: Phonics and Literacy or Maths
from 11.45       

Lunch in the Hall then play outside


All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have a free lunch cooked fresh daily in school.

12.50 Lessons continue:Handwriting/spelling/ guided reading

Reception: Topic learning covering all Reception curriculum areas.  Year 1: Science/Humanities/Art/Music/Computing/Personal, Social and Health Education/Philosophy. During the afternoon children go outside for snack/drinks.

  (on Mondays in Reception, Tuesdays in Year 2 and Wednesdays in Year 1 the children have an afternoon of PE and languages)

End of school day/After-school clubs start


16:45 After-school clubs finish