We have moved!

We have now moved from temporary accommodation within Ark Priory Primary Academy to our own building on the Vale!  We look forward to welcoming you to our new building. Our new address is The Vale, Acton, W3 7JT.  The phone number is unchanged. We are in the process of updating this website to reflect the changes arising from the move.

Parent workshops


Please click below to see information from our parents workshops. Thank you to all parents who were able to attend but please don't worry if you could not make it.  There is information below and, if in doubt, please ask us!



Phonics and Reading With Your Child workshop: Phonics workshop Sept 2017.pdf

See below the link to the RWI Phonics video tutorial and will  explain how to say each phonic sound (phoneme).


Some ideas of games to play:    fred_talk_games.pdf


All About Assessment in Reception and Using Tapestry: Tapestry workshop.pdf

Please click to see a quick and easy guide. Tapestry - parents' guide.pdf

This gives some examples of learning at home that you may want to share with us. Observation suggestions.pdf


Please also see a link to Playdough Disco: a way that you can support your child's fine motor development at home (and have fun!) so that they are able to start forming letters independently/increase their stamina for writing.

Playdough disco: