We are moving!

Counting down to the move from temporary accommodation within Ark Priory Primary Academy to our own new building on the Vale:  5 months to go!

Home Learning

Please see the class letters at the start of each half term for information about the curriculum and home learning.


Reception Home learning for this term will be:

  • phonics -practising sounds and writing the letters learned during the week. RETURN ON WEDNESDAYS
  • Weekend journal - please support your child to record some of their activities during the weekend. The aim is to build your child's confidence with the writing process.  Early in the Reception year it is most important to talk about what you have done and support your child using more vocabulary and correct grammar.  To start with it will be good for you to scribe for your child once you have talked about it.  Sharing some of the writing process is a great idea too so that they can have a go at writing some letters that they know.  If you child is at an early stage of mark making it will help him/her to see you modelling doing a picture - they could perhaps help you or colour in.  We love to see photos, drawings and anything else to make the journal even more interesting. RETURN ON WEDNESDAYS
  • Please keep your child's reading book and reading record in the book bag every day so that we can read with your child and change the books.
  • If you would like further ideas how to support your child at home please see the Curriculum page which sets out some week by week ideas.


Year 1 Home Learning for this term will be:

  •  Reading books - changed each week.  Please record your child's progress in his/her Reading Record Book.
  •  Weekend Learning journal. Please encourage your child to write about their weekend. 
  • Spellings.  Please support your child to learn the words sent home in their spelling book.