We are moving!

Counting down to the move from temporary accommodation to our new building on the Vale:  7 months to go!


A Curriculum that Inspires Excellence

Ark Byron Primary Academy is committed to providing a curriculum that inspires and excites our pupils to achieve excellence and motivates them to succeed.


Our Curriculum:

  • is focused upon high standards in mathematics, reading and writing as well as being broad and balanced, providing plenty of opportunities for enrichment
  • aims to excite our pupils’ imaginations
  • will be progressive, ensuring continuity from Reception into Year 1 and beyond
  • provides a firm foundation
  • is made relevant to our pupils
  • is supported by technology

Please see the individual subjects for more information or read below for details of the Reception and Year 1 currciulum.



In Reception, your child will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriuculum.  At Ark Byron we initally focus on the Prime Areas of learning (Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal and Soical Development) in order to ensure children have a sound foundation for future learning and are ready for the next steps in Literacy and Maths, as well as learning the beginnings of science, humanities, personal, social and health education, computing,art and music. All children receive a phonics lesson daily to promote rapid progress in reading


Please click for information about this half term's learning in Reception around our Summer 2 topic of "Journeys."

Mind map Journeys.pdf

Summer 2 Topic - Journeys.pdf


There is information about  home learning in the right hand column of the Overview and the highlighted sections are ways that you can support your child's learning (either by bringing in resources or by doing activities at home) . This is not obligatory but gives ideas how you can enrich your child's learning each week. The home learning that we expect children to complete is on the home learning page.

Please click for the Maths programme of study. 

Year R Mastery PoS 2016-17.docx

For more information on assessments please follow this link: http://www.foundationyears.org.uk/eyfs-statutory-framework



Please click for the Year 1 overview of learning. 2016 to 2017 Year 1 Curriculum map.docx


Please click here for the Summer 2 curriculum map.  Curriculum map Year 1 Summer 2 Local Area.pdf


Please click here for the Maths overview.

Year 1 Mastery PoS 2016-7 final.docx

Autumn 1 Topic:

What is an island – can you survive on an island? 

Autumn 2 Topic:

Where do the leaves go in the winter?


  • Kew Gardens
  • Little Angels Theatre

Spring 1 topic:

What has changed since your grandparents were young?
Visit: V&A Museum of Childhood

Spring 2 topic:

What was great about the great fire of London?”

Visit:Museum of London

 Summer 1 topic:

Explorers : Who needed more courage - Captain Cook or Jacques Cousteau?

Visit:Maritime Museum/Cutty Sark

Summer 2 topic:

Shall we go to the park?

Visit:National Gallery