We are moving!

We are counting down to the move from temporary accommodation within Ark Priory Primary Academy to our own new building on the Vale:  just a few weeks left to go!  We move in the week beginning 19th February 2018 and the school will be closed whilst we move.


At Ark Byron learning doesn't just happen inside the classroom. Your child will have the chance to take part in all of these activities and much more as they develop their personalities and build their confidence.

Children will take part in the extensive enrichment activities that form part of the Ark curriculum, including:

  • trips to support and motivate learning in school
  • park school (run along Forest School principles)
  • sports tasters and competitions
  • art projects
  • Enabling Enterprise challenge days and lessons

Enabling Enterprise is a not-for-profit social enterprise, set up by a team of teachers in 2009. They work in partnership with over 70 top businesses including PwC, Virgin and Hamleys to bring the world of work into the classroom through a combination of lesson-time projects, challenge days and trips. It helps children to understand that the skills and knowledge gained in the classroom have useful applications outside. During the year children will experience a challenge day and a project that will require them to use a variety of 8 core skills such as 'working as a team,' 'aiming high' and 'sharing ideas.' They will need to be able to communicate well and cooperate whilst 'problem solving' and 'staying positive' to reach a common goal.


After School Clubs and "Wrap Around" Care

We are fortunate enough to offer four sports and skills clubs provided by specialist external providers and one "Wrap Around" care club at Ark Byron. See below an overview of how after-school clubs work at Ark Byron and a snapshot of all club offerings with their key details. Children from low income families/those receiving benefits entitled to Pupil Premium will receive subsidy for the costs.

Breakfast Club:
Breakfast club runs every day from 7:45am to 8:45am and cost £3.50 per day; all children are welcome.  Please contact info@arkbyron.org to sign up.  If your child is Pupil Premium, you will be eligible for a free place - please contact Miss Watson.

Sports & Skills Clubs - Times:
All sports and skills clubs run from 3.50pm to 4.45pm Monday to Friday, Ballet 3.50-5pm. 


Clubs will start on 8th January 2018 (9 weeks)
Clubs will end on 23rd March 2018 (9 weeks)
*Clubs will break during the half-term holiday so there will not be any clubs from Monday 12th February 2018 to Friday 23rd February 2018.

Allocation of places:
*Children who receive Pupil Premium funding will have the subscription for one club paid for by the school, subsequent clubs will need to be paid for by parents.
Tennis:  Thursdays 3.45-4.45PM.  This club will take place after we have moved to our new site.  The first lesson will commence on the 1st March 2018-22nd March 2018.  If you would like your child to attend this club please send an email to info@arkbyron.org marked “tennis”.  There will be 4 sessions for the spring term at £5 per session. 

Please note recurrent non-attendance may result in your child losing their place so it is important that parents think carefully before signing their child up for a club. If a child's behaviour in a club does not meet the school's high expectations for pupil behaviour they will lose their place in that club.

See below the pricing for each individual club. We endeavour to keep costs as reasonable as possible so that all children have the opportunity to enjoy at least one enrichment offering.

Any questions about clubs e.g. What do children need to wear/bring etc should be addressed directly to the club provider. The links below will take you straight to the provider's email address and further contact details can be found on our school website.
*Children will be picked up from the double doors to the playground or the exit by the school gate. Club providers will confirm pick up location with parents.

NB: Snacks:
All children can be given a snack to eat at the start of their club. All children in Ark Byron are given a snack of fresh fruit and/or milk between in the afternoon every day, however lunch is at 11:40am and so children may well need a second snack before starting their club.




This "wrap around care" club will start in September 2017 every day from 3.45pm to 6:00pm. Please click here for the application letter: Aktiva Booking Form for Parents.pdf


When? Mondays
Who for? Reception & Y1
Where? TBC
Cost? £6
Provider? Rose Ballet

Contact: lauren@roseballet.co.uk


When? Tuesdays
Who for? Y2
Where? TBC
Cost? £6
Provider? Rose Ballet

Contact: lauren@roseballet.co.uk


When? Thursdays
Who for? Reception, Y1 & Y2
Where? Classroom
Cost? £9
Provider? West London Languages More information about French and Spanish Clubs with West London Languages!



When? Thursdays
Who for? Y1 & Y2
Where? The hall
Cost? £5
Provider? On the Ball Tennis with Mahmuda

Contact: info@OnTheBallTennis.co.uk


When? Wednesdays
Who for? Reception, Y1 & Y2
Where? Classroom
Cost? £9
Provider? West London Languages

Contact: spanish@westlondonlanguages.co.uk


This is only the beginning

In future years children will be able to enjoy additional opportunities such as the Ark Music Gala at the Barbican.