In history, children explore the past in Britain and the wider world. Key areas developed through the teaching of history are: chronological understanding, knowledge and the understanding of events, people and changes in the past.  Pupils learn about historical interpretation and enquiry and being able to organise and communicate their findings.

Pupils start in Reception with learning about themselves and their place in the world.  In Key Stage 1 children develop chronological understanding learning about toys through the ages and flight.  They learn about diverse historical figures including Captain James Cook, Queen Victoria and Mary Anning and some key historical events.  From Key Stage 2 pupils start to learn about Britain and the wider world from its early days (Year 3's first topic is the Stone Age).

 Learning is enriched through oral history (e.g. grandparents talking about toys and life when they were young) and by visits in the local vicinity and museums. 

Please explore the curriculum pages of the year groups, or ask us, for more information.