We are moving!

We are counting down to the move from temporary accommodation within Ark Priory Primary Academy to our own new building on the Vale:  just a few weeks left to go!  We move in the week beginning 19th February 2018 and the school will be closed whilst we move.

Our values

The Mission

The Ark mission is: “To begin the journey to enable every pupil to go to university or pursue the appropriate career of their choice.”

As part of the Ark network we have six key principles that we will follow in order to make Ark Byron a happy, friendly and nurturing school for your child:

Knowing every child

​We know that children do best at school when families and staff work together. We will work closely with you and your child to make sure they have the right support for them.

Exemplary behaviour

​We are a warm, happy and inclusive community. We treat each other with courtesy and respect.

Depth before breadth

​Doing well in English and maths is really important as it helps children succeed in other areas. Your child will have English and maths lessons every day.

High expectations

With the right teaching and support, every child is capable of achieveing their full potential. We encourage your child to aim high in everything they do.

Excellent teaching

​We are working especially hard to recruit, train and support excellent teachers.

More time for learning

At Ark Byron we have a longer than average school day and we make sure that every minute counts. As well as covering the core subjects thoroughly, we will make time for activities like sport, music, drama and arts so that your child gets the most from their time here.



Ark Byron Motto and Values

Ark Byron Primary Academy our motto is: “Courage to reach for the sky!”

This reflects our high expectations for every child.  We believe that children who aim high and set ambitious goals will be able to achieve their full potential, though this will require real effort and persistence.


Our Ark Byron values are:

Exploration – to have curiosity and seek out new knowledge and experiences

Endeavour – to work hard and always try your best

Excellence – to be the best you can be.

We believe that, if children are brave and willing to take risks to improve, to learn new things and to embrace new experiences, they will be resilient and equipped to deal with life and to be both successful and happy.

We encourage children and adults to follow these values in everything they do in the academy.  Our academy song, that children will learn when they join the academy, is one of the ways we remind ourselves of our values and ensure we are all working to achieve high goals in everything that we do. This is not only in terms of learning but also in conduct and behaviour.

The Ark Byron logo of a tree and bird not only reflects our future home in Acton Park, but also symbolises how children will be putting down firm roots of learning and knowledge to enable them to grow and flourish, to enable them to follow their dreams.